About The Baker

The Happy Baker, Tina Molen

Tina, The Happy Little Baker, is a graduate of Wright State University; holding a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. As a Registered Nurse, beginning in 1985, she has worked with countless individuals to help them with their special dietary needs.

As a young teenager, Tina was taken under the wing of a German baker and it’s under this mentorship that Tina learned the ways of “old world” baking. This style of baking has influenced her products to include many ethnic and classic bakery items that are not easily found anywhere else.

Tina continued to expand her talent throughout the years by taking classes, attending seminars and practicing in her home. She has also baked and cooked in several restaurants along the way.

From her love of baking and community, Tina decided to open her own business in 2005. From her home in Greene County, OH, she began offering quality pies, breads, cookies, cakes and pastries using recipes that her friends and family loved so much.

Baked with love and positive energy, The Happy Little Baker products are always from the heart.


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