Cookies, Pastries & Candy

Cookies and Pastries

Traditional cookies (so many to choose from!!!!) Chocolate Crinkles, Chocolate chip, Sugar, Applesauce,Butter, Peanut Butter, Snicker Doodles
Oatmeal and many, many more!
Decorated Cookies 1.50/each
Giant Decorated Cookies $25.00
Gingerbread Cookies Varies per size and shape
Speciality Cookies varies per product
Linzer Cookies $2.00/each
Springerle Cookies $8.00/dozen
Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese frosting $1.50 each
Shortbread and Jam cookies $2.00 each
Scones – Many Flavors – you pick!! $2.00 each
Cookie Bars (Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Strawberry Jumbles Glazed Peanut Butter , Peanut Buttter and Jelly, and many others) $1.50 each
Butterscotch Bars $1.50/each
Lemon or Lime Bars $1.50/each
Kolacky $3.50/each
Baklava $3.50/each
Cream Puffs $4.50/each
Muffins (mini) any flavor $1.50/ for 5
Muffins (small) $1.50each
Muffins (large) $3.00 each
Customized brownies ( plain, peanutbutter, carmel pecan, cream cheese,mint, etc. ) $1.25 each
Biscotti – variety of flavors $2.25/each

*** Prices subject to change due availability and cost of ingredients.***