Cookies, Pastries & Candy

Cookies and Pastries

Traditional cookies (so many to choose from!!!!) Chocolate Crinkles, Chocolate chip, Sugar, Applesauce,Butter, Peanut Butter, Snicker Doodles
Oatmeal and many, many more!
Decorated or Frosted Cut Out Sugar Cookies 2.00/each
Giant Decorated Cookies – Many variety of flavors available! $25.00
Gingerbread Cookies Varies per size and shape
Speciality Cookies varies per product
Linzer Cookies $2.00/each
Springerle Cookies $8.00/dozen
Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese frosting $1.50 each
Shortbread and Jam cookies $2.00 each
Scones – Many Flavors – you pick!! $2.00 each
Cookie Bars (Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Strawberry Jumbles Glazed Peanut Butter , Peanut Buttter and Jelly, and many others) $1.50 each
Butterscotch Bars $1.50/each
Lemon or Lime Bars $1.50/each
Kolacky $3.50/each
Baklava $3.50/each
Cream Puffs $4.50/each
Muffins (mini) any flavor $1.50/ for 5
Muffins (small) $1.50each
Muffins (large) $3.00 each
Customized Bownies or Blondies ( plain, peanutbutter, carmel pecan, cream cheese,mint, etc. ) $1.25 each
Biscotti – variety of flavors $2.25/each

*** Prices subject to change due availability and cost of ingredients.***