Gluten Free

Gluten Free Diet

Because gluten is the binder that holds bakery items together, gluten free baking is quite difficult.  Other products must be substituted to make up for the lack of gluten or else the baked good would crumble.

Gluten free baking is extremely difficult due to the different flours and binders used and requires specific knowledge of how to bake these items to make them taste just as good as or better than traditional wheat based baking.

Cherry Bread $6.50
Pumpkin Bread $6.50
Yellow Squash Bread $6.50
Zucchini Bread $6.50
Strawberry Bread $6.50
Banana Bread $6.50
Blueberry Bread $6.50
Regular Bread $6.00
Sundried Tomato bread

Roasted Garlic

Muffins – A variety of flavors are available. Just let me know what you would like! Sold by 1/2 dozen and full dozen – You can even mix flavors. You do not have to order all the same flavor!!!! $18.00/1/2 dozen   $36.00/dozen
Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting – Sold by 1/2 dozen and dozen only $20.00/ half dozen$40.00/dz
Coffee Cake – Cinnamon Swirl $15.00
Coffee Cake with fruit $20.00
Sandwich Buns (hambuger size) $6.00/for 8
Pizza Crust $3.00/ 8 inch  $5.00/ 12 inch
Cookies $2.00/each
Brownies $2.50/each
Flourless Chocolate Cake $25.00
Cakes – 1/4 sheet cake start at $30.00
Cheesecake $45.00
Individual Cheescakes $7.00
Hush Puppies- Full Batch 15-17 $10.00
Hush Puppies- Half Batch 7-8 $5.00
Cupcakes $3.00/each
Cake Pops $2.25/each
Pies Varies with Pie Choice – $15.00 – $20.00
Croutons $5.00/ 5oz
Specialty Cakes Varies per product