Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

Just about any thing you see can be made vegan. Just call or email and ask if it can be done!

Here are some wonderful vegan items.

Cupcakes                                                      $3.00/each

Pumpkin Spice Cookies                               $2.00/each

Oatmeal Date Raisin Cookies                       $2.00/each

Cakes – various types                                      Price varies with size, flavor, and decorations.

Fruit Bars – many varieties of fruit to chose      $15.00/half dozen   $25.00/dozen

Muffins – many varieties                                       Regular size – $3.00/each

Large size $4.50/each

Fruit Breads

Squash Bread – Zucchini or yellow squash           Full Loaf – $ 9.00/each

– Many flavors of fruit and be added!!                  Mini Loafs – $ 4.00/each

Vegan Fudge                                                      $15.00/lb